Experienced coaching staffOur coaches have years of CrossFit and athletic experience. We focus on form, technique, and proper movement.


CrossFit Endurance ProgramDo you want to run faster for longer? Our Endurance program focuses on technique, speed, and intensity.

A gym built for youOur gym has all the equipment and space you need to take your fitness to the next level.


Passionate and friendly communityCrossFit is performed in a friendly and social environment.


Weightlifting ProgramWho doesn’t want to get stronger and lift heavier weights? Our Weightlifting program focuses on developing technique and efficiency in the deadlift, clean, jerk, and snatch.

Located in the center of Houston, TXWe are proud to serve Downtown, Midtown, Rice Military, The Heights, River Oaks and Montrose.

Thank you Spicy Summer Showdown Sponsors

Thank you to all the incredible sponsors who donated prizes for the #SpicySummerShowdown. We are excited to offer prizes to our top 3 teams overall, as well as the team that wins each event. All participants are eligible for raffle prizes and there will be a spectator challenge!

Huge thanks to:
Airrosti Rehab Centers
Pinot’s Palette – Montrose
Julie Doniero Photography
Nutrishop Houston
Kill Cliff – Sports Recovery Drink
Berry Hill Heights
Luke’s Icehouse Houston
Cyclone Speed Rope
Massage by Latonya


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Your first CrossFit competition – What to bring

The 2014 Spicy Summer Showdown will be the first CrossFit competition for most participants. Congratulations on taking a leap of faith and signing up for a competition comprised of unknown events. The timeline for the event was posted yesterday and you may have noticed this will be a little different than a typical day at the gym. On Saturday you will perform 3 workouts with around 1 hour of rest between events. To help prepare for this format, please refer to the following list of suggested items to bring:

  • Food – it’s important to recover between events so you’ll need to eat! Bring food that is easy to digest: apples, bananas, berries, nuts, trail mix, granola bars. Don’t forget protein! Cheese, chicken strips, and possibly protein powders are important to help your muscles recover.
  • Drinks – We will provide water at no cost and we have Kill Cliff, Fitaid, and Gatorades for sale. It’s important to have some salt and potassium to help replenish after sweating so you may want to bring your own drinks if you have a specific brand you prefer.
  • Cooler with ice to store all your food and drinks
  • Clothes – No one likes sitting around in the same sweaty clothes for four hours. Bring extra T-shirts, shorts, and socks. Changing out of wet clothes into dry clothes provides a mental boost too! Don’t forget a towel to dry off.
  • Folding Chair – You’ll want to sit between WODs and the boxes may be in use. Bring a camping chair or two.

Don’t forget to use the rest time between WODs to your benefit. If you sit for an hour your muscles and joints will become tight as your muscles recover. We recommend:

  • Recovery row – Around 10 minutes after the WOD, hop on a rower, put the damper down to 1 and row slowly for 3-4 minutes. This works wonders for releasing lactic acid in your legs and lower back.
  • Foam roll – work on the muscles affected by the previous WOD and those used in the upcoming WOD.
  • Stretch/Mobilize for the next event – ask a coach if you need mobilization guidance.
  • Formulate a warmup routine for the next event and plan when you want to start your warmup.
  • Strategize for the next WOD with your team
  • Stay active! Don’t sit for an hour. Walk around and cheer for your friends.
Care demonstrates good deadlifting position: hips below the shoulders and back is straight

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2014 Spicy Summer Showdown Timeline

It’s Spicy Summer Showdown Week! Keep checking the website and facebook event this week for additional information about the event.

Team Heats
Vintage Spicy Summer Showdown – Team Heats

Day 1 – Friday (Location: Spott’s Park – 401 S Heights Blvd, Houston, TX 77007)
18:15 – Staff Briefing
18:30 – Athlete Briefing (standards, movement demo, questions)
18:50 – Begin Event

Event 1 – Sandbag Tag
18:50 – Heat 1 (30 minute cap, 5 minute transition)
19:25 – Heat 2
19:55 – Event 1 Ends

20:15 – Afterparty: Berry Hill on 11th

Day 2 – Saturday (Location: Vintage CrossFit – 4205 Center St, Houston, TX 77007)
08:00 – Staff Briefing & Final Setup
08:00 – Athlete Check-In
08:15 – Athlete Briefing (standards, movement demo, questions)
08:45 – Begin Events

Event 2 – 3×5
08:45 – Heat 1 (8 minute cap, 5 minute transition)
08:58 – Heat 2
09:11 – Heat 3
09:19 – Event 2 Ends

15 minute Breakdown & Setup

Event 3 – Learn the Ropes
09:34 – Heat 1 (18 min cap, 5 minute transition)
09:57 – Heat 2
10:20 – Heat 3
10:38 – Event 3 Ends

15 minute Breakdown & Setup

Event 4 – The Pyramid
10:53 – Heat 1 (20 min cap, 5 minute transition)
11:18 – Heat 2
11:43 – Heat 3
12:03 – Event 4 Ends

12:15 – Awards
12:30 – Day Ends
12:45 – Afterparty – Luke’s Icehouse

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Spicy Summer Showdown Team Bio – Scotty’s Two Hotties

Scotty's Two Hotties Team Pic

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
Scott: I attended an on-ramp class at another gym way back in October 2012 and began CrossFitting at Vintage in February 2013.
Melissa: A year plus
Nora: a little over a year

Is this your first CrossFit competition? If not, what other events have you participated in?
Scott: This will be my first ever CF competition.
Melissa: yes
Nora: no. I did wod wars ii with val!

What movement(s) do you hope to see in the competition?
Scott: Strict movements (because kipping is cheating…..and also because I can’t do it very well), body weight movements, thrusters, running great lengths.
Melissa: running and burpees
Nora: Nora-box jumps and lots of running!

What movement(s) would you hate to see?
Scott: Bowel.
Melissa: snatch… Especially Nora’s
Nora: snatch…especially Melissa’s

What is your favorite benchmark/hero WOD?
Scott: 5th Mountain. Even though I’ve never actually attempted it, I’m still sort of fascinated by it.
Melissa: Jackie
Nora: murph. Because it was my first ever wod

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