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Wednesday, 1/28/2015

Continue to work on reaching the hips during today’s 3-position power snatches. Avoid swinging the bar forward off your thighs and keep the bar moving as vertically as possible. The weights should be moderate so that you are confident in being able to get the bar overhead. Focus on the mechanics and positions, not the weight today. We will continue to work heavier percentages during the next few weeks.

Francis and Karen during Part 3 of the Three-nale at the Wicked Winter Showdown

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Monday, 1/26/2015

Thank you to the Wicked Winter Showdown competitors for the hard work and effort y’all exhibited today. Your desire to be challenged is the reason we created our Summer and Winter showdowns.

Special thank you to the Vintage coaching staff who volunteered their time to manage and judge today’s event. Speaking from experience, fitness competitions can become a disaster unless the staff keeps things running smoothly and everything ran on time today!

Finally, thanks again to all the companies who support CrossFit and local gyms: Matt Arnold from Airrosti, Bar vs Beast apparel, Pinot’s Palette, Below Parallel, which is less than a mile from Vintage!, Get RXd who provided the slam balls everyone enjoyed today, Kill Cliff, and the soon to be released B-Pop popsicles! Please support these great companies!


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Preparing for your first CrossFit competition

by Danny Livermore

The Wicked Winter Showdown is just around the corner and many of us are preparing for our first competition. Before you pack your bag and head to the gym, keep a few things in mind that will help the day go as well as possible.

Preparation is key to a successful day! Bring plenty of food, beverages, and clothes. You won’t have time during the day to leave and get things, so make sure you bring whatever you need with in the morning. You will be sweaty and tired after each wod, and a dry change of clothes will keep you warm and in good spirits in preparation for your next workout. Bring some heavy clothes too, as the weather may be cold and you will have breaks between wods.

When it comes to food, eat small meals and snacks early and frequently. While it can be somewhat uncomfortable, try to eat right after wods. This will give you the maximum amount of digestion time prior to the next wod. Nuts, fruits, and light meats (turkey, chicken) are great choices for fuel.

Fluids and electrolytes should not be overlooked, as you’ll be sweating significantly during the day. Hydration is critical, but you’ll want to supplement water with high electrolyte drinks such as Gatorade or Pedialyte. Salt tablets are also a good choice, and won’t leave you feeling as full.

It’s up to you to prepare for each wod. During a normal gym class, coaches will design and guide you through the warm-up, stretching, and eventual wod. In a competition, you’ll be responsible for the first two of those activities. Check the schedule, find out when your next wod is, and plan accordingly. Give yourself 20-30 minutes time to prepare for the wod.

Finally, have fun! You’re competing against other teams, but the biggest competition is within. If you prepare, push yourself, and have a good attitude, it will be a great day!

Coach Danny at Hammer and Chisel in November 2014

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