Experienced coaching staffOur coaches have 15 years of CrossFit coaching experience. We focus on form, technique, and proper movement.


CrossFit Endurance ProgramDo you want to run faster for longer? Our Endurance program focuses on technique, speed, and intensity.

A gym built for youOur gym has all the equipment and space you need to take your fitness to the next level.


Passionate and friendly communityCrossFit is performed in a friendly and social environment.


Weightlifting ProgramWho doesn’t want to get stronger and lift heavier weights? Our Weightlifting program focuses on developing technique and efficiency in the deadlift, clean, jerk, and snatch.

Located in the center of Houston, TXWe are proud to serve Downtown, Midtown, Rice Military, The Heights, River Oaks and Montrose.

Spartan UltraBeast 2014

Good luck to Danny, Matt L, and Vinnie as they compete in the Spartan Ultra Beast in Killington, VT this Sunday. This 26+ mile, 40+ obstacle race includes 10,000+ feet of elevation change. The completion rate during the first two years was under 50%. Good luck guys and keep putting one foot in front of the other!

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Hip Mobility Clinic Reminder

This Saturday, September 20th at 9AM we are hosting Dr. Matt Arnold from Airrosti for a Hip Mobility clinic. Join us to learn some new techniques for developing hip mobility. Good hip mobility is critical for squatting and Olympic weightlifting mechanics. This is a free clinic that is open to anyone reading this!

Improved hip and ankle mobility means better pistols. Ideally the front leg is kept straight to help balance during the movement but tight hamstrings can prevent this.

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Virtuosity: A Call For Submissions

From the CrossFit Journal:
“We want to know why you love your CrossFit coach, affiliate or garage gym.

The desire to improve and seek perfection drives CrossFit.

Virtuosity is the soul of the program, and it’s pursued every day by trainers and athletes who work together to create health and performance—true fitness.

In celebration of this pursuit, we want to hear why you love your CrossFit coach, your affiliate or your garage crew. Tell us your story, and we’ll select one per month for publication in the CrossFit Journal. In thanks, we’ll pay the author US$500 and send his or her affiliate or garage gym a $500 gift card from Rogue Fitness.”

I started reading the CrossFit Journal in 2008 and their articles built the foundation of my knowledge on CrossFit movements. We have a world-class coaching staff at Vintage CrossFit composed of moms, dads, 20s to 50s, recreational to competitive. We’d love for you to share your story about Vintage with the CrossFit Journal. It would be an honor to be included in the publication that started it all!

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Danny attempts a 285# clean during the “Decision Ladder” at Bring the Heat 5

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Vintage Wellness Challenge

The condition of good physical and mental health, especially when maintained by proper diet, exercise, and habits.

Have you heard of the Whole Life Challenge? We’re hosting a similar diet, exercise, and lifestyle challenge for 30 days in October. We have decided to keep this challenge in-house for added accountability and community. Earn or lose points based on your food and lifestyle choices. Top 3 participants win prizes and the winner gets a $100 restaurant gift card.

$10 per person to enter. All Vintage members and coaches are eligible to participate. Check the Tracking spreadsheet for details and join the Vintage Wellness Challenge facebook group. Ask any questions in the facebook group.

Sign up sheet is in the office at the gym


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Bring the Heat Wrapup

Team Vintage had a great time at CrossFit Katy’s Bring the Heat 5! I think I speak for everyone when I saw we’re feeling the 5 events today!

Congratulations to all Vintage athletes who competed at Bring the Heat Katy this weekend! Huge thanks to Melissa, Alexis, Jordan, Victoria, Sheila, Estefania, the Tomich family, and the Averills for coming to cheer us on!


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