Experienced coaching staffOur coaches have 15 years of CrossFit coaching experience. We focus on form, technique, and proper movement.


CrossFit Endurance ProgramDo you want to run faster for longer? Our Endurance program focuses on technique, speed, and intensity.

A gym built for youOur gym has all the equipment and space you need to take your fitness to the next level.


Passionate and friendly communityCrossFit is performed in a friendly and social environment.


Weightlifting ProgramWho doesn’t want to get stronger and lift heavier weights? Our Weightlifting program focuses on developing technique and efficiency in the deadlift, clean, jerk, and snatch.

Located in the center of Houston, TXWe are proud to serve Downtown, Midtown, Rice Military, The Heights, River Oaks and Montrose.

Muscle Up Clinic – Saturday 10/25

Learn how to conquer the rings! We’re hosting a 30-minute Muscle Up clinic during the first half hour of Open Gym this Saturday. We will discuss the Ring Muscle Up in depth including a break down of the separate segments of the movement: grip, the kipping pullup, the transition, and the dip. We will go over progressions that can help you achieve your first muscle up and we will look at efficiency points to help you string multiple reps together.

This seminar is open to all Vintage members but it is mostly targeted to Intermediate/Advanced athletes (those who can complete 3+ chest to bar pullups).

Efficient muscle ups require a firm grasp of the hollow body/arch positions

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Congratulations Oktoberfest Competitors

Congratulations to all the Oktoberfest Obliteration competitors! Everyone gave 100% effort and we saw some great performances! Thanks to our cheering squad: Alexis, Alison, Victoria, Jeff F, and the Averills!

Final results:
Dennis – 6th Elite Men
Owen – 6th Super Masters
Matt – 28th Elite Men
Melissa – 33rd Scaled Women
Will – 37th Scaled Men
Team Yo Adrien (Mel M, Justin, Craig, and free agent Jessica) – 38th Team


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