Experienced coaching staffOur coaches have 15 years of CrossFit coaching experience. We focus on form, technique, and proper movement.


CrossFit Endurance ProgramDo you want to run faster for longer? Our Endurance program focuses on technique, speed, and intensity.

A gym built for youOur gym has all the equipment and space you need to take your fitness to the next level.


Passionate and friendly communityCrossFit is performed in a friendly and social environment.


Weightlifting ProgramWho doesn’t want to get stronger and lift heavier weights? Our Weightlifting program focuses on developing technique and efficiency in the deadlift, clean, jerk, and snatch.

Located in the center of Houston, TXWe are proud to serve Downtown, Midtown, Rice Military, The Heights, River Oaks and Montrose.

Top 11 Gifts for CrossFitters

Do you need a gift for the CrossFitter in your life? Here are our suggestions for great gifts:

Simple and Small

Heather_1Jump Rope – Once you’re ready to get serious about CrossFit, the jump rope is the first piece of equipment to buy. You’ll need a rope that is the right length and handle size for you if you want to perfect your double unders!

Socks – Make a fashion statement by upgrading your #SockGame

Wrist Wraps – Take your Olympic lifts to the next level with added wrist stability. PR Wraps come in plenty of colors and designs.

Books – Break a mental sweat while learning how to move effectively!

  • Becoming a Supple Leopard – CrossFit Mobility expert Kelly Starrett shows us there is more to mobility than static stretching.
  • Free+Style – CrossFit Gymnastics expert Carl Paoli dives into four foundational movements and how they apply to CrossFit.
  • Learning to Breathe Fire – Learn about the history and rapid growth of CrossFit

IMG_7759Knee Supports – Knee Supports supply joint compression and warmth to promote better blood flow and reduce strain on the knees during squats, Oly lifts, etc. Rehband, Rocktape, Workt from Rogue Fitness

Olympic Weightlifting Shoes – Are you ready to lift heavy weights? Pick up some Oly shoes to help with ankle stability and flexibility. There are many brands and styles available at Rogue Fitness.

Gym Bag – How are you going to get all your gear to the box? Pick up a King Kong bag, they fit everything!

Go Big or Go Home

IMG_7110Barbell & Plates – Are you ready to transform your garage into a weight room? A barbell and bumper plates are the place to start.

Squat Rack – Squats make you strong. You’ll need a squat rack so you don’t have to clean the barbell every time. Quality squat stands are available from many equipment manufacturers and some can be expanded with a variety of accessories.

Concept 2 Rower – Most CrossFitters have a love/hate relationship with the erg. C2′s are a great way to get an aerobic workout without leaving your garage or living room. Available from Rogue Fitness and Get RXd

Assault AirBike – AirBike is a newcomer on the CrossFit scene. They are much sturdier and more readily available then Schwinn’s Airdyne bikes. Even the most experienced athletes will be challenged with sprints on the Assault Bike. Available from Rogue Fitness and Get RXd.

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Deadlift Run

Deadlifts and running are a classic CrossFit combination. Most people don’t realize how much they use their hamstrings while running. Deadlifts are a very posterior chain (hamstrings, lowerback) intensive movement. How did the second set of deadlifts feel after the run?

Alice shows good elbow position on the pushup

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Squat Cycle Day 8

Tuesday’s WOD involved two low-skill cardio respiratory movements followed by 10 reps of near maximal Olympic Lifts. Hang Power Cleans require a lot of precision and explosive power due to the limited range of motion from the hang position. Were you able to complete the 10 cleans without any misses?

Coach Melissa back squats

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Muscle Up Monday

Developing the Muscle Up requires consistent work on progressions. The Vintage coaches can help you identify which part of the movement is hindering you. Common issues include lack of pullup and/or ring dip proficiency, an inefficient kip, not elevating the hips to the rings, and not pulling your head and chest up and over the rings. Fortunately there are progressions you can practice to help you overcome these issues. Make practicing the Muscle Up progressions a part of your warmup or cooldown routine.

Congratulations Sanjay on getting your first muscle up! Notice how Sanjay uses the kip to help elevate his feet and hips towards the rings before he starts pulling with the arms. Just like with the Olympic Lifts, you generate power with your hips and then finish the movement with the arm pull.

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