Experienced coaching staffOur coaches have years of CrossFit and athletic experience. We focus on form, technique, and proper movement.


CrossFit Endurance ProgramDo you want to run faster for longer? Our Endurance program focuses on technique, speed, and intensity.

A gym built for youOur gym has all the equipment and space you need to take your fitness to the next level.


Passionate and friendly communityCrossFit is performed in a friendly and social environment.


Weightlifting ProgramWho doesn’t want to get stronger and lift heavier weights? Our Weightlifting program focuses on developing technique and efficiency in the deadlift, clean, jerk, and snatch.

Located in the center of Houston, TXWe are proud to serve Downtown, Midtown, Rice Military, The Heights, River Oaks and Montrose.

Risk vs Reward

Life is full of risks. We decide whether to take those risks by analyzing the potential benefits. Getting behind the wheel of a car, going for a jog, and going skiing all present risks that many people are comfortable taking. There are risks inherent with any movement and physical activity and those risks increase with the intensity of the activity. In CrossFit we want to build consistent mechanics and good movement patterns before we add heavy weights and speed. Practicing barbell lifts with moderate loads like in today’s 12 minute EMOM is a great way to build muscle memory and mechanics.

If you have a previous injury, remember to weigh the risk/reward of certain movements. If you have a bad knee, then pistols or weighted lunges probably aren’t a great option. Ask your coach for scaling options!

On CrossFit and Risk – Julie Foucher

Sarah deadlifts during 14.3

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Masters Qualifier

Owen finished the CrossFit Open ranked #128 in the Master’s 55-60 division worldwide! This means he will compete in the Masters Qualifier, a 4-day, 4-workout event that determines who gets to participate in the CrossFit Games!

Plan to come to the gym this weekend to do the Masters WODs with Owen or to cheer him on! Let’s get the Vintage Spirit going in full force to make sure that he will Keep GOwen!

Owen during 14.3

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